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Le Mote Juste

Creation on Just Motes a Day

An Exalted Charm Digest for the Second Age
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You can never have enough Charms! Le Mote Juste provides a way for the Exalted community at large to create new Charms and distribute them quickly to all the power-hungry Exalts out there.

Every day, the moderators of Le Mote Juste will post between one and three fan-written Charms to the community. We love getting Charm submissions at Le Mote Juste and actively encourage anyone and everyone to submit clever and interesting Charms that they've come up with. Please: no first edition submissions! Le Mote Juste supports Exalted: Second Edition! Also, see below for the preferred Charm-submission format that we use around here.

Everyone in the community is welcome to post critiques of the Charms that come up. Le Mote Juste is very much about learning to create better custom Charms for Exalted and helping to make it a more robust and enjoyable game for everyone.

On Saturdays, either the moderators or a guest-writer will post an article about Charm-writing. Feel free to submit an article that you'd like people to read -- Le Mote Juste is a community project, and we love to hear great ideas from everybody!

All Charm and article submissions should be e-mailed to demagoguelocke[at]yahoo[dot]com. Come on in and see what kind of Charms we've come up with today!

Harmonious Charm Submission Form
Cost: #m, #w; Mins: Ability #, Essence #; Type: Charm-Type
Duration: Charm-Duration
Keywords: (Combo-OK, Combo-Basic, Holy, Obvious, Form Type, etc.)
Prerequisite Charms: Humble-Tendered Suggestion Prana, Polite Disputation Methodology
This is the preferred Charm-submission form for use in this community. Feel free to just copy it into a text document and fill in the blanks -- it's easy, and it makes the moderators' life a lot easier if you use it!
abyssal, alchemical, anime, ayesha ura, balor, blessed isle, bull of the north, cathak, cecelyne, celestial lions, charms, chejop kejak, chiaroscuro, coral archipelago, crystal, cynis, daiklaves, danaa'd, demesnes, diamond hearth, dire lances, dragon-blooded, elias tremalion, erembour, erymanthoi, exalted, excessively righteous blossom, fair folk, fakharu, first and forsaken lion, first circle, gem, grabowski, great forks, halta, harmonious jade, hearthstones, hesiesh, icehome, iselsi, jade pleasure dome, john chambers, jupiter, ledaal, linowan, lintha family, lookshy, luna, lunar, mage, manses, mars, mask of winters, mela, melissa uran, mercury, mnemon, mountain folk, nellens, nexus, octavian, paragon, pasiap, peaches of immortality, peleps, peleps deled, ragara, saturn, scavenger lands, second circle, sesus, sesus rafara, sextes jylis, sidereal, sijan, silver prince, skullstone, solar, sorcery, swan, swan dragon, tepet, terrestrial, the haslanti league, the hundred kingdoms, the lap, the republic of chayan, the scarlet empire, the seventh legion, third circle, udon, unconquered sun, v'neef, vampire, varang city-states, venus, wavecrest archipelago, werewolf, white wolf, whitewall, zub